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Meet the Coordinator of Data processing & mapping

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Today we'd like to introduce you to the coordinator of Data Processing & Mapping - Prof. Francisco Javier ESCOBAR MARTÍNEZ. He has focused his specialty and teaching in Spatial Analysis and Geography. Through Prof. Escobar will grant access to our students to managing data fields tools and translating them into maps. 

He has been lecturing internationally and he is intensively active in social & academic research projects. His diligent dedication is clearly visible on his abundant publication: he has published over 20 books himself and written/participated in more than 50 book chapters and professional articles of journals and conferences.

As a professor he has been teaching in University of Alcalá - UAH since 2003; he was invited professor in CEPS/Instead (current name: LISER) in Luxembourg and in University of Strasbourg in France; a researcher titled Seconded National Expert for Joint Research Centre in European Commission and a senior lecturer in RMIT University in Australia

As a reward to his extense experience and interesting activity in spatial data science and its teaching, Prof. Escobar received more than (nr) awards along his career, including:

Professor Patxi Escobar

Professor of Geography at the UAH 

Coordinator Data Processing & Mapping


· 2000 - URISA 2000. Horwood Student Critique Prize. Orlando. EEUU.

· 2001 – High mention in The Award for Innovation in Engineering Education (Australasian Engineering Education Awards) for GISWEB ( Australia.

· 2002 - President’s Medal of the Mapping Sciences Institute of Australia.

· 2003 – High distinction to enhancement of teaching activities in the Facultad de Filosofía at the University of Alcalá. Spain.

· 2014 – Finalist of IDEA2 Madrid – a program of the Madrid-Massachusetts Institute of Technology M+Vision Consortium.

· 2017 – Award SEE-CIBERESP to best oral communication by young researchers. XXXV Reunión Anual de la Sociedad Española de Epidemiología (SEE), Barcelona, 6-8 septiembre 2017.

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