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MASTERCLASS & MIDTERM REVIEW - Miautics Computational Design Consulting

On Monday, o8 June, FCU EuroLAB has invited professors from Miautics for Masterclass & midterm review - Prof. Sergio del Castillo Tello, Iago Romero Ogando and Daniel del Rey Hernández. It would be our pleasure to have professors from Miautics with us and students can learn 3D architecture design from Miautics - an award-winning computational design experts group!

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Masterclass will be held at 13:00 H on o8 June|GMT+2 Madrid time

Topic: MONSTERS. Limits, Extremes and Tolerance in Prototype Design. Accuracy VS Performance.

Research on hypertrophies in projects taken to the extreme. This masterclass will explore the search for Design Space Exploration in Prototypes and its limits. The exploration of limit engineering based on calculations of impossible simulations led to paroxysm. The limit of the prototype embodies the parameter that conditions it, taking the project to the confrontation with the condition to which it responds, with the essential condition that makes it possible. The limit as pedagogy of the essence that characterizes the project, as opposed to the gesture that caricatures it, the limit makes metonymy present and goes beyond the metaphor.

About Miau: Miauhaus, miautics, offmiau, is an open research community.

The mission is to enjoy sharing and creating knowledge by means of creative digital instruments and computational design. Digital processes are project’s tools. They are as important as the project itself: they go alongside with it, they make it possible, they generate it, reinforce it, explain it, communicate it, they allow it to be collaborative, they connect it to its context, revealing links that are not visible at first sight. Digital processes are the support of the team’s intuition, they are the way in which decisions are taken in scientific research, and the communication media in the final decisions taken.

During the masterclass, three prototypes will be shown explaining how the creation of monsters is based on the radicalization of search parameters for solutions that visualize extreme geometric or simulation problems. For more introduction about miauhaus, please visit

Guest Professors: Sergio del Castillo Tello, Iago Romero Ogando, Daniel del Rey Hernández

Sergio Del Castillo Tello

Architect, Honors Degree and Higher Diploma from ETSAM-UPM,Technical School of Architecture in Madrid. Co-Founder of, Computational Design Experts Group. Award-winning CG Instructor and 3D Designer for many architectural offices, and also Programming and Digital Fabrication expert, co-founder of MIAU, Master in Computational Design and Advanced Infographics, ETSAM-UPM. Instructor at several institutions and masters such as COAM Institute of Education IFC, College of Architects of Madrid and IED Istituto Europeo di Design. 

Iago Romero Ogando

Architect and postgraduate teacher at ETSAM-UPM in MACA (Master in Architectural Communication) and MIAU (Master in Advanced Infographics), where he coordinates the New Technologies program.His teaching activity ranges from Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to Artificial Life, and his main research interests are always related to the use of algorithms and digital simulations in architecture, art and design.

He is a co-founder at Urban Data Eye, a company that offers a real-time urban analysis system through state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, and has won, among others, the first prize for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Architecture from Arquia Foundation, worked for companies such as Airbus or KPMG and been selected for Techstars 2019, one of the most demanding and competitive acceleration programs for startups in the world.

Daniel del Rey Hernández.

Architect from ETSAM-UPM. He is an Authorized Rhino Trainer (ART) by McNeel and a freelance architect. Author of project and currently leading the construction of a social housing building with 85 apartments, storage rooms and parking at Vallecas Eco-Community, awarded in projects contest promoted by Madrid Municipal Housing and Land Corporation (EMVS) associated with Sergio del Castillo.

Teaching activities in 3D NURBS modeling, rendering and video production, for product and architectural design at several universities, schools of design and design firms in various business sectors. Instructor at MIAU, Master In Advanced Infographics at UPM, Masters in Product Design, Interior Design, Lighting Design at IED European Institute of Design (Digital Lab, 3D Prototyping); Master CICE New Technologies School; INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technology).

EuroLAB 大師講堂 & 評圖|6月05日 馬德里時間 13:00

我們很榮幸邀請到 Miautics 電腦設計顧問團隊的教授們-Sergio del Castillo Tello, Iago Romero Ogando, Daniel del Rey Hernández。Miautics 是由電腦設計專長的建築師組成,是3D建模和電腦輔助設計的專家們!

Miautics 團隊在馬德里理工大學建築學院和馬德里建築協會授課外,也和諸多建築工作室合作,專長還涵蓋 AI、建築和室內設計數位模擬、產品設計和數位製造,近期得獎有建築創新創業獎、馬德里市 Vallecas Eco-Community 住宅專案等。

更多 Miautics 參與的專案設計和獎項,請詳見上方英文介紹,我們期待學生們和老師熱烈互動,汲取老師多年來累積的3D建築設計與實務經驗!miauhaus

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