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DATA & MAPPING|MIDTERM REVIEW - Prof. Francisco Aguilera

Updated: May 8, 2020

This Friday FCU EuroLAB students will have their midterm review in DATA and MAPPING course. It would be our pleasure to have Prof. Francisco Aguilera Benavente (Prof. Aguilera) with us for the review session.

More information about Prof. Aguilera:

Prof. Aguilera is associate professor of Human Geography at the University of Alcala (UAH) in Spain since 2011. He teaches various subjects related to GIS, spatial analysis, and spatial data modeling. Prof. Francisco Aguilera is very active on both academic and research fields, currently co-leading the national research project TRANSURBAN (UAH-UPM) in Spain, focused on modeling urban growth and transport future scenarios in Madrid city.

He holds a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Sciences, a Master Degree in University Teaching and a PhD in Geographical Information Technology. Along his studies he has built a solid foundation in applied statistics and territorial analysis as well as incorporating urban growth simulation modeling with environmental science, geographic information systems and remote sensing.

Prof. Aguilera’s expertise research themes range urban growth simulation models, scenario planning, and urban growth patterns analysis. His profound dedication into academic and social research projects resulted into a high participation in the scientific community, proved by his publications on more than 60 articles including papers in numerous top-notch journals in the professional field such as Landscape and Urban Planning; Applied Geography; Computers, Environment and Urban Sistems; Enviromental Modelling and Software, STOTEN, Transportation Research A, etc.

Here we highlight the most remarkable funded R&D projects by Prof. Francisco Aguilera:

· 2018-2020 Simulation of collaborative scenarios to integrate sustainable transport and land use policies (TRANSURBAN)

· 2013-2015 Geosimulation of future urban growth scenarios based on detailed spatial information. Assessment of its results from environmental planning (SIMURBAN 2)

· 2013-2014 Green Infrastructures and Ecological Planning of Metropolitan Landscapes. Application in the Community of Madrid

· 2010-2014 Methodological Guide for the sustainable metropolitan integration of light rail systems. INTEGRATE ME

· 2012-2013 Development of a model based on agents for the simulation of urban growth in the Community of Madrid

· 2007-2010 Prospective analysis and simulation using geographic information technologies (TIG) of current urban growth. Assessment of its sustainability (SIMURBAN)

· 2008-2009 The metro-energy factor of innovation works in the Andalusian metropolitan agglomerations

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5月8日馬德里時間下午4:30,EuroLAB的資料處理課程( Data and Mapping )將舉行期中Review,學生們將發揮課堂所學的環境資料處理與視覺呈現,展示他們精心製作的各種資料地圖運用。 Prof. Aguilera 在教學與研究領域皆非常活躍,自2011年起於西班牙阿爾卡拉大學地質環境暨人文地理學系任職,目前是該學系的associate professor,研究專業為地理資訊系統、空間分析、空間數據建模,和城市發展模擬分析。

在專業研究方面,Prof. Aguilera 具有參與或主持多項政府及民間城市發展計畫的經驗,目前是西班牙國家研究計畫<TRANSURBAN>的共同主持人,計畫範疇為馬德里城市發展與未來交通樣態分析。Prof. Aguilera 的專長為城市發展模型建置、城市發展型態分析和情境規劃,且有超過60篇的文章發表,有許多篇被刊載在該領域重要的期刊中圖片上方節錄部分Prof. Aguilera獲得政府及(或)民間資助的研究計畫,更多Prof. Aguilera的介紹,請詳見上方英文介紹,我們期待學生們都可以拿出最好的表現,精彩展現所學!

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