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This Friday FCU EuroLAB students will have their midterm review in DATA and MAPPING course. It would be our pleasure to have Prof. Francisco Javier Escobar Martinez (Prof. Patxi Escobar) with us for the review session.

More information about Prof. Escobar:

Prof Francisco Escobar is based in the Department of Geology, Geography and Environmental Sciences at the University of Alcalá, Spain (UAH). He has been lecturing internationally and previously held academic positions at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission (Seconded National Expert), RMIT University (Senior Lecturer) and The University of Melbourne (Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow), and as invited Professor at the University of Strasbourg and at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER).

Francisco leads research examining Geographic Information Technologies applied to Public Health, with a focus on urban measures relevant to cardiovascular health and spatial analyses of mortality due to rare diseases. His research interests include cellular automata-based land use modeling and geo-visualisation developments. He has published numerous scientific papers, over 20 books and atlases as well as web-based cartographic tools in these areas. More information about Francisco’s work can be found on UAH website at

As a reward to his long experience and interesting activity in spatial data science and its teaching, Prof. Escobar received several awards along his career, including:


  • 2000 - URISA 2000. Horwood Student Critique Prize. Orlando. EEUU

  • 2001 – High mention in The Award for Innovation in Engineering Education (Australasian Engineering Education Awards) for GISWEB. Australia.

  • 2002 - President’s Medal of the Mapping Sciences Institute of Australia.

  • 2003 – High distinction to enhancement of teaching activities in the Facultad de Filosofía at the University of Alcalá. Spain.

  • 2014 – Finalist of IDEA2 Madrid – a program of the Madrid-Massachusetts Institute of Technology M+Vision Consortium.

  • 2017 – Award SEE-CIBERESP to best oral communication by young researchers. XXXV Reunión Anual de la Sociedad Española de Epidemiología (SEE), Barcelona, 6-8 septiembre 2017.

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5月8日馬德里時間下午4:30,EuroLAB的資料處理課程( Data and Mapping )將舉行期中Review,學生們將發揮課堂所學的環境資料處理與視覺呈現,展示他們精心製作的各種資料地圖運用。

Escobar教授在教學與空間數據研究領域都有深厚的經驗,現為西班牙阿爾卡拉大學教授,擁有十分國際化的教學和研究經驗,如澳洲墨爾本大學、墨爾本皇家理工大學(RMIT)、歐盟委員會聯合研究中心(JRC-EC)等資歷,以及受邀到盧森堡社會經濟研究院(LISER)和法國斯特拉斯堡大學當Invited Professor。

Prof. Escobar的研究專長領域包含空間資料建模、社會環境數據視覺化、環境資料在城市公衛和疾病的研究應用,出版超過20本專業書籍和超過50篇以上的研究發表,圖片上方節錄部分Prof. Escobar所獲的研究與教學殊榮,更多Prof. Escobar的介紹,請詳見上方英文介紹,或點選下方連結,我們期待學生們都可以拿出最好的表現,精彩展現所學!

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