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Workshop in Berlin - Architecture students & Seaborne refugees? (I)

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Photo courtesy: CoLAB

According to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, every year there are more than 70 million refugees globally and a great number of seaborne refugees, attempting to cross the ocean and set their foot on a foreign land, escaping from violence and violations of human rights at their original countries, and trying to survive on a barren beach or a remote land. Unlike the movie “Life of Pi” - the adventure of a castaway boy in a small boat, this is brutal when a similar scene happens in real life in an overcrowded boat without the mellow color filter. 

What can architecture students do to make a change? And how?

On 2nd March, architecture students from Feng Chia University/Taiwan, Cartagena University UPCT/Spain and TU Berlin/Germany worked together to brainstorm trying to improve the quality of refugees’ life by design better shelters for their arrival based on deployable and inflatable tectonics. Check out how they make human life better with their design and explorers’ spirit.

[EuroLAB] 柏林工作營 - 建築系學生 & 海上難民?(I)





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