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Students' Arrival & Settling in MADRID

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to Europe!

Recently our students have all arrived in Madrid, welcomed by the magnificent Madrid-Barajas Airport, an award-winning Terminal 4 designed by Richard Rogers and Antonio Lamela, place full of meaning for our future architecture-majored students to set their first footstep in Spain.

photo courtesy: archdaily

We understand your feeling of being fresh and green to a new country, this brand new excitement- the mixture of nervous chills and adventurous exploring. To make the journey more relaxing, we have tried our best to prepare a soft landing ground and to make everything as smooth as possible for you.

For new EuroLAB students, during the pre-departure phase, we will advise you how to process visa application, provide housing service and start information sessions to prepare you for the journey ahead.

Upon arrival, we will arrange airport pickups and following orientation events to help you get acquaintance with Madrid city. Moreover, we will take you step by step to apply for SIM card, bank account and student public transportation card. EuroLAB team will always plan one step ahead for you.

For more news and updates, follow us on social media or send us email if you have any questions.

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