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Meet the Coordinator of Intervention Ecology

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hi Future Explorers,

We'd like to introduce you the professor of Intervention Ecology - Prof. José María Rey Benayas. He completed his PhD at the Madrid Autonomus University in 1990; his thesis was awarded by the University. He post-doctored at the Northern Illinois University and at GeoEcoArc Research in the U.S. when he held a Fulbright Scholarship. Prof. Rey Benayas has been working for the University of Alcala since 1994 and his research focuses on the restoration of biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes.

Besides, Prof. Rey Benayas currently leads a Master's Program on Ecosystem Restoration which was founded by him and with other colleagues from different countries; moreover, the International Foundation for Ecosystem Restoration is intended to transfer academic knowledge to the society.

Meet Professor Jose Maria Rey Benayas

Professor of Ecology at the UAH 

Coordinator of Intervention ecology

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