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MASTERCLASS|Prof. Alejandro Bernabeu - Founder of Bernabeu Ingenieros

This Friday FCU EuroLAB has invited Prof. ALEJANDRO BERNABEU LARENA, founder of Bernabeu Ingenieros, as lecturer for Masterclass. It would be our pleasure to have Prof. Alejandro Bernabeu with us!

Prof. Alejandro Bernabeu is an expert in structures of singular buildings with twenty years of experience, currently director of his own consultancy firm, Bernabeu Ingenieros, founded in 2014. He has developed projects worldwide working in collaboration with well-known architects such as Herzog & de Meuron, Norman Foster, David Chipperfield, Dominique Perreault, Rafael Moneo, Rafael de la Hoz or Burgos & Garrido.

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Prof. Alejandro Bernabeu is Ph. D. M. Sc. Civil Engineer graduated from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris (1999), and receiving his PhD in 2008.

Recent projects include the O Tower in Rabat, a 250meters high in Morocco (Rafael de la Hoz), Banco Santander Museum in Santander, Spain (David Chipperfield), the Lima Convention Centre in Perou (ACXT), Alburouj Cultural Hub in Cairo, Egypt (Sancho Madridejos) and a 280m span suspended footbridge over the Miño river, connecting Spain and Portugal (Burgos & Garrido).

Prof. Alejandro Bernabeu has been awarded with the IABSE prize 2015, by the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, and with the prize for outstanding young engineers 2013, by the Spanish Civil Engineers Association in Madrid. His work was recently exposed in the exhibition The bones of architecture, that took place in the Belem Cultural Centre in Lisbon, Portugal (CCB) in 2019.

He is Associate Professor at the School of Architecture, Technical University of Madrid since 2008, and has lectured in different other Universities. He is author of more than 30 articles, congress papers and conferences on structural design and the relationship between structures and architecture.

EuroLAB 大師講堂|6月03日 馬德里時間 下午3:00

我們很榮幸邀請到 Bernabeu Ingenieros 的創辦人-Prof. Alejandro Bernabeu,曾獲 IABSE 國際傑出結構工程獎、參與多項跨國專案,如與諾曼.佛斯特、大衛.齊普菲爾德 (David Chipperfield) 和拉斐爾·莫內歐 (Rafael Moneo) 等建築師的專案。

Prof. Alejandro Bernabeu 現為馬德里理工大學建築學院副教授,曾獲西班牙土木工程師協會頒發傑出青年工程師獎,專案作品近期受邀到葡萄牙里斯本參與《The bones of architecture》展出。

近期參與專案有摩洛哥的摩天大廈 O Tower ( 建築師 Rafael de la Hoz)、西班牙的博物館 Banco Santander Museum in Santander (建築師 David Chipperfield)和埃及開羅的Alburouj Cultural Hub (建築師 S-M.A.O Sancho Madridejos)。


2O2O EuroLAB 秋季班招生中,歡迎來信或站內留言詢問。

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