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Let's take a walk in MADRID

Hi Students, welcome! The first week after your arrival, we had a walk in Madrid, we can't wait to show you this wonderful city and explore all the fun with you.

Madrid is the capital city of Spain with a great history and the old glory shining through along time. We took our future architects for a walk and had a glance in the city, appreciating its charm and the tracks of one of the most powerful ancient empires in 17s century. We want to unveil to you the urban evolution marks and how modern architects give a new flavor to the city.

We visited Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace of Madrid, ranging from famous tourist attractions to the local hidden gems, we always love to share our favorite spots with you, our students. We hope you had fun and liked Madrid as much as we do, discovering a new life in Madrid while studying here.

OPEN ADMISSIONS for Autumn Semester 2o2O, welcome university students from architecture-related major to apply. Please email us to find out more if you are interested in EuroLAB program, we will be more than happy to hear from you!

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