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FCU EuroLAB Student List 2o2O

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Hi Future Explorers,

We were looking forward for this moment to come and to happily announce the name list of students for FCU EuroLAB 2o2O.

Program for 1 year:

1. 沈 實 William Shen - 3rd year in Architecture

2. 江承諺 Kevin - 3rd year in Architecture

3. 宋偉辰 Jerry - 3rd year in Architecture

4. 蕭天羽 Abby - 3rd year in Innovation Design

5. 顏侑葳 Vincent - 4rd year in Architecture

6. 田叡哲 Juiche - 3rd year in Open Loop

7. 江祐安 Joan - 3rd year in Open Loop

8. 丁巧倫 Chiao-Lun - 3rd year in Open Loop

9. 林柏宇 Ben - 3rd year in Open Loop

10. 陳映竹 - 3rd year in Open Loop

11. 陳筠禎 - 3rd year in Open Loop

12. 盧九太 - 3rd year in Architecture

13. 許皓瑄 Kira - 3rd year in Innovation Design

Program for 1 semester:

1. 蕭仲筠 Yvette - 5th year in Architecture

2. 廖譔堯 Ryan - 5th year in Architecture

Welcome, FCU EuroLAB spring semester will begin in February 2o2O.

During the following week we will release the date for the upcoming information session. The details of the deposit payment procedure will be sent to all of you on Monday 11th. Please confirm to us via email that you agree with the information above to validate your registration of FCU EuroLAB program.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


Carlos & Chelsea

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