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ADVANCE DESIGN|FINAL REVIEW - Prof. Uriel Fogué Herreros

This Thursday FCU EuroLAB students will have their final review in ADVANCE DESIGN course. It would be our pleasure to have Prof. Uriel Fogué Herreros with us for the review session.

Prof. Fogué Herreros is Adjunct professor of Design Studio at European University of Madrid. He is a PhD architect graduated from ETSAM-UPM with honorable Extraordinary Prize for the doctoral thesis for 2014 -15 academic year and the finalist disertation thesis at the X Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism, 2016.

Co-founder of elii

Prof. Fogué Herreros founded “elii” architecture office in 2006 with his partners and co-directs elii, which was part of Spanish Pavilion of the XV Venice Architecture Biennale (awarded the Golden Lion, 2016) and has two works selected for the Mies Van Der Rohe European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Awards 2018 and 2015).

In 2005 Prof. Fogué Herreros obtained the FAD Opinion Award for COAM Stand at the Construtec fair. He also co-directs Political Fiction Crisis Cabinet. He is co-author of the book “What is home without a mother? “ (HIAP - MataderoMadrid, 2015), awarded at the XIII Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism 2015 and co-editor of the book “Plans of intersection: Materials for a dialogue between philosophy and architecture” (Lampreave, 2011).

Awards & Recognitions

Here we highlight the most remarkable awards by Prof. Fogué Herreros:

  • Nomination for European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies Van Der Rohe Award, 2019 and 2015

  • VETECO-ASEFAVE Award, 2018

  • Finalist at the Archdaily's 2018 Building of the Year Awards

  • Mentions at MatCOAM, Category - Sustainability, 2018

  • Winner of the first COAM (Madrid Architects' Association) Award, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2013, 2011 and 2005

  • Gubbio Prize 2018

  • Living Places Simon Award 2018

  • Mapei Award 2018

  • FAD Award, 2018 and 2017

For more info and video about Prof. Fogué’s architecture projects, please visit elii at

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FINAL REVIEW|5月14日 馬德里時間 中午12:00

本週四的進階設計課將舉行期末評圖,我們歡迎 elii 建築事務所的共同創辦人Prof. Uriel Fogué Herreros擔任我們的客座評審!

Prof. Fogué Herreros 目前於馬德里歐洲大學的兼任教授,在2006年與兩位合夥人共同創辦 elii 建築事務所,建築專案種類多元,從小型空間、社會建築、到實驗性質空間等,國內外獲獎無數,更曾兩度獲「密斯·凡·德羅歐洲當代建築獎」提名。 更多Prof. Fogué Herreros的介紹和殊榮,請詳見上方英文介紹,我們期待學生們都可以拿出最好的表現,精彩展現所學!想了解 elii 建築事務所專案,請前往

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