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Updated: Nov 2, 2019

From October 6, the EuroLAB team will be in Madrid SPAIN, to test facilities, close the content of the program with new professors ... etc, follow us on Instagram to keep updated!

Dear Explorers,

Given the interest this program has created, the large amount of questions about the specifics of this initiative and your requests for more time to evaluate this decision, we understand the importance of this decision for your career and lives.


Therefore we decided to extend the deadline for registration of applications until October 31st. In the meantime, the EuroLAB team will travel to Spain from October 6 to 16th to arrange in person every detail you and your family might need.

We will constantly publish our activities and you will be able to share with us real-time every arrangement of our meetings, and the atmosphere of your future staying in Madrid through our instagram account and news feedback on the webpage.

We will also publish the documents about agreements, insurances, details of professors... etc to let you participate in the decision making of your exciting coming future.

Warm regards,

Carlos & Chelsea

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