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Please complete your member profile.
All the personal data and information will be used for  explorers | EuroLAB  and educational purpose only.  
Complete your basic information on our website and get access to our newsletters with the latest updates.All the personal data and information will be used for   explorers | EuroLAB  program and educational purpose only.  
The evaluation will be based on students' qualifications and complementary education of the candidate. We will conduct  an interview in english but in case of not reaching at this moment the required level of english, we will conduct it in chinese.

Your application TO  explorers | EuroLAB  should include the following sections:

O3.1 Motivation letter:

Brief description about yourself and why you want to join us by following this template ( please replace the underlined texts with your data and personal interests. ) : 

My name is Thomas Johnson, I am a student of Architecture at Harvard university in USA. Currently I am an 3rd year undergraduate student.

I want to join this program because I find very interesting the possibility of experiencing live the European masterpieces of architecture and its context, and I believe the balance between the courses related to technology, and its consequences for architecture on the XXI century will open my mind as an architect and grant me job opportunities at the best international architectural offices.

I wish to enroll in  explorers | EuroLAB  in Autumn semester 2o2O and I would like to stay for 2 semesters.

I would like to have more information about the certificate we will get from ETSAM/UPM and about the weather and average food prices of the city of Madrid as the base for our staying.

O3.2 Portfolio showing your academic performance at your field including:

A Highlighted skills.

B Graphical information about your previous background.

C Level of Languages and specifically in English including certifications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: O1 Please label the motivation letter & portfolio with your name. O2 The motivation letter and portfolio will be a PDF file which will never exceed 20 pages and 10Mb on A4 format in vertical. Please understand files exceeding this size and format might have problems for the uploading and, consequently could not be properly evaluated by the EuroLAB program commission.

Please send the file to, we will get back to you no later than 24 hours to confirm your submission. 

Thanks for submitting!

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